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Windows Mango Phones vs Android

With the HTC Titan named after the Greek Gods and Samsung’s Omnia translating to ‘Everything’ in Greek, you could say that both HTC and Samsung have high hopes for their respective Windows Mango phones. HTC Titan deals and Samsung Omnia 7 mobile phone contracts are on sale in the UK. So, do they live up to expectations and how do we see them as an alternative to the Android competition?

Both devices are very like the Android phones in the way they look aside from the three buttons both have to operate the Windows Mango phone operating system they use. The HTC looks like a gigantic Desire HD, ironic as the HD is already a very large phone and the Samsung looks like many of the previous phones the company has made. The Titan feels nicer than the Samsung and is more solid, though the Omnia does look more stylish than the HTC and many Android phones also.

HTC and Samsung are selling these devices as high end mid range phones and both have the processing power to match the Android devices in this position. The Samsung has 1.4GHz single core chip and the Titan a 1.5GHz single core chip – making them both capable of most of the powerful things any Android is.

Both also have 5mp cameras – something not unheard of in Google or BlackBerry land for a top end phone, though we won’t say we don’t prefer an 8mp full HD device. However, both phones take fairly decent snaps and they both allow the user the usual array of photo editing tips and shenanigans.

The phones do differ massively in the operating system area, obviously. The devices come with the Windows Mango OS – the newest available from Microsoft. This does take from Android, but focuses more on the pure multi tasking area more and even has a carousel of programmes allowing you to flick through all that is running in real time. The phones are similar to Android in the way the manufacturers do add their own user interfaces to give the devices a more individual take. We must say we enjoyed Windows in some ways and it looks like a mind blowing OS, which gives us hope there may be a big three and BlackBerry lovers in the OS field and not a big two and BlackBerry lovers as there is now.

So, as you can figure the Windows phones are the same as the Android phone deals in most ways aside from the excellent operating system they no possess, they just need as many apps now to compete!

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