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Microsoft Surface Pro Review

The unique mix of PC and tablet is the main fascination of the Surface Pro. You cannot help but observe that it has come with a stylus pen. And once you start enjoying around with the stylus pen, you realize that it’s no common digital pen. Based on Wacom technology, the stylus pen facilitates 1024 […]

New Technology Laptops on The Internet

Broadband Internet access is becoming a growing and strengthening, to call all the time to be able to control the business and our lives demanding. However, to accept the entry and advancement to access wherever they go, is not always the simplest case is Apple to do. In some places on the Internet against acceleration […]

The new Laptop Accessories

Laptops do not like a computer mouse, desktop approved. Laptops accepts accessories such as pillows and suddenly pointing stick pointing. Let’s talk today in laptops that accept a touch-pad pointing their accessories and many of all, let’s discuss how portable apple pie “touch-pad. Lady of cleaning your laptop touch- pad allows movement and recognition of […]