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Hot New Technology Gadgets Information

Let me learn about some of the hottest new technology out there now matching accessories. Aboriginal people seem to be able Perform automated is the camera by Casio, the Smart Pen, and Computer Cool School by Fisher Price, The Swanky Theater, and gloves Aglow. I will learn about the product, features abundant and if available, if it comes out and how much.

While indigenous We accept automatic make up the camera, the EXILIM Zoom Z300, which has 10.1 megapixels, and Z250, which is manufactured by Casio 9.1 megapixel. He has a congenital in Photoshop for women adeptness architecture. Architecture atmosphere ranges from 0 to 12 and you can add as little or abundant to accomplish that you need. You will be able awning lines, wrinkles, even out of your tone dermis. He was released on August 29 in an amount of $ 249.84.

So, we, the smart pen. If you’re like me and you address a lot of back and forget what you’ve written down and can not buy the paper, this pen is for you! You write with ink and pencil, as well as accepted. And ‘records and links audio to what you write, and play sound surprised if you broke it on paper. You can also put the increase in melt your laptop or desktop, you can even leave your laptop at home, and if you disagree with a suitable cardboard (about $ 5 for a laptop), the time enough to change all of the increase to take pen to paper. Pen to pay $ 149 to $ 199 1GB and 2GB.

One of the cleanest new technology gadgets, hot school computer cool, by Fisher Price. The fact that the keyboard turns on the computer, and are taught reading, writing, science, art and music. And ‘small enough to certify does not recognize any of the 500 songs. And ‘in line with those agreed to maintain the capital more difficult to run a computer with disabilities to the Internet. It ‘was released in July, and costs $ 59.99.

Another hot new technology, equipment, fashion theater. It ‘s like driving anywhere in the home. For nine, ten or twelve inflatable bottom screen, and so grouped, bends down to charge the size of the bag! And ‘something generous and pitchers who want to be the speech of the city. At $ 1,499 it comes to video, projector, DVD player, a perfect mixer and much more. If you just want to Marquis for $ 399. But by far the price!

Basis for the hot new technology, the glove on fire. Technological innovation has been to accept a flashlight on the finger, literally. This is a bracelet made by optical tabs Sepic methylene Slovenia. Atom can diffuse light awakening. And if the capacity is going to be a lot of confidence shown in her hand! No strong support, or leave.

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