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Kindle Fire HD 7 Tablet Review

images (1)In this article we are going to provide you a quick review and go over some of the guidelines and techniques you can use with the Kindle Fire HD tab 7. First of all, the interface is mostly the same as it was with the original Kindle Fire. You have the same kind of slide carousel set up on the main screen for all your recent applications and eBooks. You can easily search through the list of them and select to add or remove any of them just by holding down the long press button. You also have the choice of adding your most favorite by moving back and forth between applications with ease.

One of the certain strong points on the Kindle Fire HD 7 is the speakers are very loud! The Kindle Fire has 2 speakers come with a soft covering on the back which defends it from scratches. Also in the back is a micro HDMI and USB port so you can link it to the TV. On the front interface you have a high-definition camera which is excellent for taking magnificent images and doing video conversations. Amazon has the Kindle Fire HD 7 installation with sub menus so you can use a shop symbol and go straight to the store to shop for all your stuff. If you select to obtain more applications for your system inside or outside of the Amazon store, you can do so right at your finger-tips. But one thing to look at out for with the applications at Amazon is that they do offer a FREE APP EVERYDAY so it’s wise decision to see what they got available and fill your system up! (90% of time it’s usually a game of some sort). You can get a very excellent app once in a while especially around the vacations.

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