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Future mobile technology and its trend

mobile technology 1Most of the people are using the mobile phones to check the email and send emails. People are expecting more in the mobile technology that can take them to the world of fantasy and technology. Let us see some of the future trends in the world of mobile technology. The microphone is going to be located under the skin of people and the camera of the mobile will be the contact lens of the people. The technology will word as per the voice recognition given by the user. The battery of this mobile phone can last for maximum weeks. 5G network feature will multiply the speed of the internet connection by 100. These will be the future mobile technology that is going to occupy the word in the following decades. The experts of telecommunication believe that this mobile technology in the future will be more powerful along with new screen formats like virtual or flexible screens and long lasting batteries.

The favorite way of entering the data in the year 2020 will be the voice recognition. It is awesome to think that headphones and microphones of this mobile technology will be under the skin of the user underneath their dental filling or nail polish. Wearable mobile technology will be the future in the world of mobile technology. If people think about the technology used seven years ago, they will remember that those years are periods when iPhone introduced in the mobile technology and all other smart phones become obsolete. Cloud technology or mobile applications were unexplored fields at that time. No whats app and twitter were used at that time. The concept of smart phones will soon take and become other advanced forms. If people loom around them, they will see that this has started already and take a step to the future mobile technology.

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