Canon Powershot D20 Waterproof Digital Camera

download (3)The Powershot D20 water proof camera is one of the best digital compact cameras that support a water proof, shock proof and freeze proof housing. It allows photographers to capture the underwater life in an excellent manner with a water proof depth rating of 33 inch for around an hour. The high-sensitivity 12.1MP CMOS sensor of the device is able to deliver an excellent picture quality even in situations when the lighting conditions are poor. The device further facilitates intelligent IS feature and 5x optical zoom. No matter whether you’re a professional photographer or just enjoy simply clicking pictures, the D20 provides you the ability to cover almost all sorts of events.

Important features found in the product include:

DIGIC 4 Image Processor

The existence of DIGIC 4 Image Processor guarantees a fast and reliable performance with low battery consumption. HD video, Face-Detection, Self-Timer, high speed continuous shooting etc. are other amazing features reinforced by the product. Intelligent IS of the product provides sharp and clear pictures.

12.1 mega-pixel image sensor

The existence of 12.1 mega-pixel image sensor in the small digital camera allows customers to catch poster-sized pictures at a quality of 4608 x 3456 pixels. This further provides photographers the independence of increasing the size of or cropping any area of the picture for the purpose of online sharing or printing.

Outer design

The shock proof, freeze proof and water proof design of the product is of great help to the customers. Canon has designed the product paying attention to the durability factor. It is a perfect partner for outdoor activities such as rock climbing, scuba dive, ski, underwater image capturing etc. The device is waterproof to 33 feet, shockproof up to 5 feet and temperature resistant from 14-104 degrees. It is portable and can easily be carried from one place to another.


Movavi Video Converter: The Right PAL to NTSC Converter to Use

video converterSo you’ve been using a NTSC camcorder to record your videos or have been using one that exclusively supports the PAL format only? Watching videos saved on such formats in a different country where the encoding standards of the analog signals are different is not easy at all unless you have a sound PAL to NTSC converter for the job.

Digital videos function on the same parameters and often you’ll find DVDs recorded in either the PAL or NTSC format not playable on just any player. But with the Movavi Video converter the video watching blues are quickly overridden. Remember that PAL- phase alternating line is a format common across Asia, Europe, Australia and almost most of Western Europe. On other hand you’ll find NTSC- national television system committee video formats predominantly used in US, Japan, Canada, some parts of Asia etc. So travelling to or sending videos to friends and family located overseas will prove easy when you have the Movavi converter.

Converting From PAL to NTSC: How?

  • Download the converter and run installation file.
  • Open the converter and go to ‘Add DVD’ button. Here, look for VIDEO_TS folder on DVD. Now, add those DVD video-files you want to convert.
  • Open ‘Convert to’ and in listed categories look for ‘DVD-compatible video’. Now choose the required PAL/ NTSC presets.
  • In ‘Destination’, go to ‘Browse’ option where you have to specify target folder for placing the converted files.
  • Click on ‘Convert’. Now, a single or multiple chosen PAL files will initiate conversion to NTSC format.

A step further than the PAL to NTSC conversion would be burning or copying the converted video to a DVD straight away. But for this you’ll need more than the PAL to NTSC converter. Movavi offers the Movavi Video Suite which is an excellent software tool, one that caters to high-end video copying, converting, editing and burning.


Future Of Consumer Electronics And Online Shopping

download (1)The Internet has quickly become the preferred method of purchasing goods the last few years. Products ranging from clothing to electronics are now available online through several online retailers. Individuals seem to prefer online shopping because of the convenience of being able to shop from the comfort of one’s home. The customer can choose to pay on the internet or opt for the “cash-on-delivery” scheme, after which the store provides the product within a few days of the buy. Of all items being sold on the internet, the most well-known section is the electronics section. There is a vast assortment that can be classified under this domain, which includes computer networking devices, media players, headsets, home protection systems among many others. Most online marketing studies indicate that these items are used by people on a regular basis and therefore its sales rates are higher than any other items.

Among all consumer electronic devices, music players are the ones bought most frequently. MP3 and MP4 players are well-known among modern youth and it is common to see them carry a player everywhere they go. With companies like Apple, who exist primarily online, it’s easy to see why the online shopping business is booming. Similarly, headphones and headsets are highly in demand because of its extensive use in both the personal and professional world.

There are several other electronic devices that are associated with laptops and computers that are also really popular among consumers. Items such as webcams, USB devices, card readers, networking hubs, and external hard drives are bought to enhance the electronic experience when used with laptops and PCs. One item that is growing in popularity are external hard drives and USB drives because they provide the advantage of remotely backing up your files. I think at some point, we’ve all known someone who has had their computer crash and lost all of their data. Sure, there was always data recovery services you could hire, but that can be a big inconvenience these days. External hard drives didn’t used to be affordable, but today, not only are they affordable, but they come with a large amount of space.

Home security systems are another technology device that are growing in popularity. The urge to secure one’s house is a huge driving factor for individuals to buy these items. Devices intercoms and security cameras are innovative devices that can help users secure their homes. Long gone are the days of going to a store to browse goods. Online shopping and customer service is the future and it doesn’t look to be dying down at all.

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Purpose of Rugged Mass Storage

Rugged Mass StorageThis object was introduced in 1962 by US Military. Rugged Mass Storage is a marketing term designed to face any hostile environment. It has three different levels that include:

· Semi Rugged

· Fully rugged

· Ultra rugged

All these levels give the ability to device to work in extreme temperature, dust and vibration etc.

What are the Purposes?

This device is designed to fulfill the needs of military, aerospace and computer industry, which are working in harsh environment. Below are the Purposes of the Rugged Mass Storage.

1. High Temperature:
This device can work in the extreme heat from 30 degree Celsius (86 degree Fahrenheit) to 49 degrees (120 F) and its physical material remains durable in extreme heath.

2. Low Temperature:
This device adjusts its functions slowly to work in low temperature and it can be disassembled if you are wearing heavy winter clothes.

3. Water Resistance:
It can be used in outdoor environment ,while it is raining or in water. It ensures it is functioning if water is 10 degree C colder than the device and protects its physical material in rain.

4. Humidity:
It functions smoothly if it needs to be operated in another extreme environment like humidity. It ensures its storage and transit procedure in warm and humid air.

5. Sand and dust:
This device even works in sand and dust and keeps out these small particles. It has passed the test where it kept out small dust particles of smaller than 150 micrometers.

6. Vibration:
It can be exposed during vibration e.g. in certain type of vehicle, where it can face waveform frequency. This function increases the demand of this product in aerospace industry as well as in military.

7. Shock:
This function attracted most of the manufacturers and supplies. This device is designed to absorb shocks in different operation; it gives great deal of help in rugged military operations.

Is A Tablet A True Mobile Device?

download (4)There have been plenty of initiatives to determine what a mobile phone actually is so let’s start by knowing the explanations of the terms “mobile” and “device”.


Mobile can be described as “the capability to move or be shifted quickly and easily” and device as “a thing made or designed for a particular objective, especially a part of technical or mechanical equipment”. With these explanations in mind, it is reasonable to say that the smart phone is small enough to be moved around quickly and easily but is this the same for the tablet? Can we categorize a tablet as a truly mobile device? A review released by Adobe named Adobe 2013 Mobile Customer Survey results, discovered that even though mobile phones are still the main mobile device of choice for many, the use of tabs are increasing because many customers are discovering they have much better encounters when communicating and engaging with sites they like especially as tabs provide bigger displays.

Where we use tablets

Most tabs are bigger than mobile phones, and whether we are always going to bring a tablet around with the same convenience and independence as we do our mobile phones is debatable. The review released by Adobe also discovered that 80% of 3,075 mobile phone customers interviewed said that they used their tabs mainly at house. 14% recommended they use their tabs on the go and 6.5% choosing to use their tabs at work. With report assisting the concept of tablet use primarily at house, does this determine that the tablet is not truly a mobile device? Of course, we may use them to keep us company or as a means of enjoyment and information discovering and gathering while on vacation, or while on the road but does this create it truly mobile?

The tablet as a mobile device primarily relies on the customer and how they choose to use it as part of their day to day lifestyles. Many will find the tablet to be an expansion of their mobile phone but user interface (UI) design performs a key part because the UI design demands how easily the product can be used to fulfill the need of the customer at any particular time.

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