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Movavi Video Converter: The Right PAL to NTSC Converter to Use

video converterSo you’ve been using a NTSC camcorder to record your videos or have been using one that exclusively supports the PAL format only? Watching videos saved on such formats in a different country where the encoding standards of the analog signals are different is not easy at all unless you have a sound PAL to NTSC converter for the job.

Digital videos function on the same parameters and often you’ll find DVDs recorded in either the PAL or NTSC format not playable on just any player. But with the Movavi Video converter the video watching blues are quickly overridden. Remember that PAL- phase alternating line is a format common across Asia, Europe, Australia and almost most of Western Europe. On other hand you’ll find NTSC- national television system committee video formats predominantly used in US, Japan, Canada, some parts of Asia etc. So travelling to or sending videos to friends and family located overseas will prove easy when you have the Movavi converter. Software development companies like Byin Technologies provide the best video convertor.

Converting From PAL to NTSC: How?

  • Download the converter and run installation file.
  • Open the converter and go to ‘Add DVD’ button. Here, look for VIDEO_TS folder on DVD. Now, add those DVD video-files you want to convert.
  • Open ‘Convert to’ and in listed categories look for ‘DVD-compatible video’. Now choose the required PAL/ NTSC presets.
  • In ‘Destination’, go to ‘Browse’ option where you have to specify target folder for placing the converted files.
  • Click on ‘Convert’. Now, a single or multiple chosen PAL files will initiate conversion to NTSC format.

A step further than the PAL to NTSC conversion would be burning or copying the converted video to a DVD straight away. But for this you’ll need more than the PAL to NTSC converter. Movavi offers the Movavi Video Suite which is an excellent software tool, one that caters to high-end video copying, converting, editing and burning.


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