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Purpose of Rugged Mass Storage

Rugged Mass StorageThis object was introduced in 1962 by US Military. Rugged Mass Storage is a marketing term designed to face any hostile environment. It has three different levels that include:

· Semi Rugged

· Fully rugged

· Ultra rugged

All these levels give the ability to device to work in extreme temperature, dust and vibration etc.

What are the Purposes?

This device is designed to fulfill the needs of military, aerospace and computer industry, which are working in harsh environment. Below are the Purposes of the Rugged Mass Storage.

1. High Temperature:
This device can work in the extreme heat from 30 degree Celsius (86 degree Fahrenheit) to 49 degrees (120 F) and its physical material remains durable in extreme heath.

2. Low Temperature:
This device adjusts its functions slowly to work in low temperature and it can be disassembled if you are wearing heavy winter clothes.

3. Water Resistance:
It can be used in outdoor environment ,while it is raining or in water. It ensures it is functioning if water is 10 degree C colder than the device and protects its physical material in rain.

4. Humidity:
It functions smoothly if it needs to be operated in another extreme environment like humidity. It ensures its storage and transit procedure in warm and humid air.

5. Sand and dust:
This device even works in sand and dust and keeps out these small particles. It has passed the test where it kept out small dust particles of smaller than 150 micrometers.

6. Vibration:
It can be exposed during vibration e.g. in certain type of vehicle, where it can face waveform frequency. This function increases the demand of this product in aerospace industry as well as in military.

7. Shock:
This function attracted most of the manufacturers and supplies. This device is designed to absorb shocks in different operation; it gives great deal of help in rugged military operations.

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