Feeding Bill Gates a Fake Burger (to save the world)

  • Published: 12 February 2020
  • Sometimes the scientific method takes us to new frontiers. Thanks to Bill and Melinda Gates for partnering with me on this video. Check out the 2020 letter here: inflcr.co/SH1jF

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Comments • 40 259

  • Mark Rober
    Mark Rober   7 days back

    This one was quite a journey! I've been super busy filming and planning stuff. Got another vid comin in hot in about 2 weeks that's a real banger. Insta/Twitter/TicTok- @MarkRober

  • Chris S
    Chris S  9 minutes back

    What happened to planting 20,000,000 trees?

    • Luke Silvestri
      Luke Silvestri  14 minutes back

      Thinking about ecological footprint is hunting wild animals about the same as plant based?

      • Ranno V.
        Ranno V.  16 minutes back

        Yeah, but wouldn't it be even more efficient to just get rid of the plants as a middleman too and just consume solar energy for nutrients?

        • Elias Elias
          Elias Elias  16 minutes back

          The 2nd richest man

          • REV3LL
            REV3LL  19 minutes back

            cool and all but prolly not gonna stop eating meat for this stuff. Cheers to the dudes who do tho

            • In The Fridge
              In The Fridge  22 minutes back

              also gardein makes good meatless tastes close enough

              • Isaseeros
                Isaseeros  23 minutes back

                Did you make that peanut butter sandwich on the floor. And EAT IT

                • thekerbal
                  thekerbal  27 minutes back

                  why didn't you just not tell him that it was a vegetarian burger and tell him afterwards

                  • Ally's Sime Factory
                    Ally's Sime Factory  32 minutes back

                    Nate diez is my uncles fighter.

                    • Jerm Stone
                      Jerm Stone  36 minutes back

                      Once I can go to my local grocery and buy plant based products cheaper than meat based then I will make the switch.

                      • lost heart
                        lost heart  37 minutes back

                        "Plant based meat" is a contradiction. Just call it what it is, "ground vegetation".

                        This is how you know the vegans are trying to con people into not eating meat. It also tells you that vegans dont like their own food.

                        • Captain D Cap
                          Captain D Cap  38 minutes back

                          I would be all in on this stuff if Soy based products didn't suck for the male Hormonal balance.

                          • Phishsamich
                            Phishsamich  41 minutes back

                            What does it take to grow and process plants? There is carbon created and energy used for that.

                            • Red Nuggs
                              Red Nuggs  42 minutes back

                              I believe we eat too much meat but we shouldn't stop totally. This is a good situation to compensate all the meat we currently eat. The thing is meat brings vitamins you can't really find in other places (b12 vitamin which basically makes sure you don't go insane) so I think we should eat meat... just not that much

                              • George_ 2ts_
                                George_ 2ts_  43 minutes back

                                Football not soccer

                                • DJhato
                                  DJhato  46 minutes back

                                  lets say we switch completely. where are we gonna get the vitamin b12? what is quite essential

                                  • Voll Egal
                                    Voll Egal  47 minutes back

                                    Mark is looking at Bill like he is in love with him, but I would probably do the same thing....

                                    • Patrik Josefsson
                                      Patrik Josefsson  47 minutes back

                                      So, the solution is to kill all animals...

                                      • emilside
                                        emilside  48 minutes back

                                        if meat isnt real its not the same...

                                        • ANM NISHAT
                                          ANM NISHAT  51 minutes back

                                          Bill cant be more happy having a free Burger.

                                          • Yt Yeet
                                            Yt Yeet  48 minutes back

                                            I like big burrgerrs I’m 2 year sold

                                          • Yt Yeet
                                            Yt Yeet  49 minutes back


                                        • Yt Yeet
                                          Yt Yeet  55 minutes back

                                          Jeff besos

                                          • Denis Costea
                                            Denis Costea  56 minutes back

                                            That guy looks like Bill Gates

                                            • Yt Yeet
                                              Yt Yeet  50 minutes back

                                              I know right he should get the real one in

                                          • Matthew Russo
                                            Matthew Russo  58 minutes back

                                            Good video Mark, however, I'm not sure you really answered #2, is it good for me? I would like to see what the long term effects of a soy based diet has on men. That's what I'm reading is the downside to plant based proteins like Impossible meat.

                                            • Blackdeath39 Muffin
                                              Blackdeath39 Muffin  59 minutes back

                                              What about all the jobs that will be lost? As said in the vid meat takes more resources and land which requires a lot of ppl to work providing them for animals, while plant based meat won’t require as much employees

                                              • Yt Yeet
                                                Yt Yeet  47 minutes back

                                                Minecraft bill gaets

                                            • Oh yeah yeah • 12 years ago

                                              Aww, this bill guy is so nice. I hope he gets at least a million dollars 😊

                                            • SuperJahobo
                                              SuperJahobo  1 hours back

                                              What's the better burger though? Beyond or Impossible?

                                              • Chief Mxhd
                                                Chief Mxhd  1 hours back

                                                i cringe and shriek so bad when all the food is placed on the ground, in my culture that's just asking for bad karma.

                                                • Noah Wilke
                                                  Noah Wilke  1 hours back

                                                  You aren't supposed to eat impossible or beyond meat raw!

                                                  • Elise
                                                    Elise  1 hours back

                                                    My brother watches your videos and I really hope this can make him change his mind about plant based food. I'm a vegan and I have tried to educate him about the problems of eating meat but he just doesn't listen.

                                                    • TMack
                                                      TMack  1 hours back

                                                      Cows being breed less will be an advantage against global warming, but the only thing is
                                                      I'm lactose and tolerant meaning I can't have steak, would love to try it like this where I don't throw up 👍 if your allergic and want to try it 2

                                                      • Vivian Evans
                                                        Vivian Evans  1 hours back

                                                        I wonder if the plantburger inspired Gates to invest in a company? If it makes money, most probably...

                                                        • Retard
                                                          Retard  1 hours back

                                                          It's actually just pure beef thats why you can't tell

                                                          • Henry Jephcote
                                                            Henry Jephcote  1 hours back

                                                            Underwhelming tbh. Just kidding, I like Elon but he's being a bit of a child on this one

                                                            • MAVERICKS AVIATION
                                                              MAVERICKS AVIATION  1 hours back

                                                              The new healthy all new impossible wings from KFC Franks Redhot comes in Forgetting something

                                                              • whanowa
                                                                whanowa  1 hours back

                                                                You can eat ground beef raw, too. In Germany we eat it on buns with onion and call it "Mettsemmel".

                                                                • Petriccione's Channel
                                                                  Petriccione's Channel  1 hours back

                                                                  “Meatless Monday” works for me, it’s fun to try new stuff, vegan restaurants etc. I haven’t gone vegan, but I’ve tried some new stuff I like, & it doesn’t seem ‘totally insane’ to me to go vegan anymore... but I haven’t yet.

                                                                  • g d
                                                                    g d  1 hours back

                                                                    So jains and buddhists knew this century ago!

                                                                    • Chris Miller
                                                                      Chris Miller  2 hours back

                                                                      Now, if only there was a plant-based equivalent to brisket or ribs...

                                                                      • Tiago F
                                                                        Tiago F  2 hours back

                                                                        Yeah i will still eat meat :)

                                                                        • Magmaleiser
                                                                          Magmaleiser  2 hours back

                                                                          Man, I love science

                                                                          • Ken Nguyen
                                                                            Ken Nguyen  2 hours back

                                                                            I like to be a vegan, I like eating vegie instead of meat but tbh, what you all see here is that they are try to make vegie become meat. I doubt that the manufacturing process would make any difference to the environment or even worse because the thing is they are not just farming, they have to produce it some ways around which may bring another problem when they mass produce it. And another very important thing is that “meat” they are making is just like burger meat. It’s not a whole piece. So, taking this into account, while people still have to grow animals for real meat, it just create another problem to solve which may or may not necessary to solve.

                                                                            • Sam Rambo
                                                                              Sam Rambo  2 hours back

                                                                              The carbs are the problem... this is not diabetic friendly...

                                                                              • Optic- -Tahvvy
                                                                                Optic- -Tahvvy  2 hours back

                                                                                Bill Gates isn't the richest any more its the telsa owner

                                                                                • Pjanu Mużika
                                                                                  Pjanu Mużika  2 hours back

                                                                                  Damn, lets hope team trees makes a difference to the Amazon...

                                                                                  • Trevino 407
                                                                                    Trevino 407  2 hours back

                                                                                    The more people eat plant meat, the more delicious cow meat for me to eat :)

                                                                                    • Frode Øverli
                                                                                      Frode Øverli  2 hours back

                                                                                      At first, then not so much. Price increase and variety will decline over time.

                                                                                  • Promotional Inc.
                                                                                    Promotional Inc.  2 hours back

                                                                                    He isnt the richest man in the world anymore, Bezos took that title and Elon is coming for it.

                                                                                    • Chamillion Aire
                                                                                      Chamillion Aire  2 hours back

                                                                                      "The reason i can eat it raw is because its entirely made from plants" beef can also be eaten raw