Cute & Colorful San Francisco Studio Apartment Tour!


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  • luciamo90
    luciamo90  2 days back

    I love the play of color in your apartment!

    • Sally Lee
      Sally Lee  4 days back

      Do your research.... kimono is japanese. Hanbok is Korean.

      • PineAndFeather
        PineAndFeather  2 weeks back

        Fun to turn long vintage rectangle lace tablecloths into shower curtains too💕

        • PineAndFeather
          PineAndFeather  2 weeks back

          Sf is even above new york in terms of price of living? Ouch!
          Youre so precious, wish ya made more vlogs!☺️

          • Debbie Heath
            Debbie Heath  2 weeks back

            VERY cute! Vintage is my thing, anything with an interesting, or unique history fascinates me! The rug in the living space, I need to know everything about it!! It's extremely beautiful. The distressed quality makes the rug even more special!!! The kitchen nook view is spectacular, btw!! I love that you appreciate all the little details about your adorable place! It has lots of character and charm!! The picture of your Grandma was sweet too!!
            👍👍 Amanda

            • Karen Ager's Tea Picks - Love of Leaf

              Thanks for sharing this lovely tour! What a design eye you have! What's coming next on your channel? Pantry tour? Closet tour? Get Ready With Me at My Vintage Vanity? I'd watch them all. What a gem you live in. And you seem to be a genuinely lovely human being inside and out. Wishing you tons of happiness!

              • I, Adaora
                I, Adaora  3 weeks back

                I'm thinking of living in a studio (because I don't want roommates) and this encourages me deeply. Thank you for sharing your beautiful space!

                • Iain Sanders
                  Iain Sanders  4 weeks back

                  Y-T put this up on autoplay & I like it very much! Despite my being a 'boy', I do hope you'll make more.

                  • Julie Huynh
                    Julie Huynh  4 weeks back

                    Apartment is so so cute! Voice is so so annoying!!!

                    • Brian Dunlo
                      Brian Dunlo  1 months back

                      This makes a change from the usual minimalist appartment tours . Personally I wouldnt have so many items and in the kitchen I couldnt cope with so much ,dare I say the word ,clutter.But some nice bits and pieces including yourself.

                      • Lauren
                        Lauren  1 months back

                        So cute!!!

                        • Dorita Benbassat
                          Dorita Benbassat  1 months back

                          You have such a lovely apartment!
                          Your blue sofa is really beautiful .

                          • Carolina Rodriguez
                            Carolina Rodriguez  1 months back

                            I have always wanted to live in S.F. realistically, I know at $2,300 a month it won't happen. I'm happy you are young and can afford it. It's beautiful there.

                            • trulyfabulous01
                              trulyfabulous01  2 months back

                              Very nice love your decorating style.
                              Feminine and pretty.

                              • Judy Telles
                                Judy Telles  2 months back

                                Lovely apartment and super taste in everything.The only thing is I think you shouldnt be able to see the bed from entrance and sitting area,so create an entrance thats screened and bed to be screened from sitting area..I think you speak quite nasally,perhaps its a strong accent that I dont understand origin and you also do a guttural fry,so a lot less of both.Your presentation is super except for this,I love the family history.I hope I get blasted for my comments,especially about the accent.

                                • LeopardLover LeopardLover

                                  LMFAO your voice is so stereotypically white, when you said “like how did you make this happen” I dropped my phone laughing

                                  Anyway cute place

                                  • ibernesi20
                                    ibernesi20  3 weeks back

                                    "voice is so stereotypically white", what a racist comment...could you imagine the reverb you would get if you said she has a typical black or Asian ...your comment made me LMFAO and drop my phone- such a sad comment you posted.

                                  • Julie Huynh
                                    Julie Huynh  4 weeks back

                                    LeopardLover LeopardLover such an annoyingly ditzy voice

                                • Ye Eun Jeong
                                  Ye Eun Jeong  3 months back

                                  I enjoy house tour videos and love yours! It feels like I’m getting a tour from a new neighborhood friend.

                                  • Chrissy
                                    Chrissy  3 months back

                                    Your apartment is beautiful!

                                    • Carly H
                                      Carly H  3 months back

                                      I love your makeup vanity and the bathroom floor tiles, so cute

                                      • Sonila Kar
                                        Sonila Kar  3 months back

                                        Thank god this is not one of those white and grey apartments with green plants all over LOL

                                        • theandroids
                                          theandroids  3 months back

                                          For a second I thought you were putting on that accent.

                                          • Reem Natour
                                            Reem Natour  3 months back

                                            Love your apartment congratulations you probably know by now you can use command hooks to hang your pictures and mirrors they’re pretty good

                                            • Lucy Garcia
                                              Lucy Garcia  3 months back

                                              I love your little studio, i also like your choice of decor

                                              • Carol
                                                Carol  3 months back

                                                I love TheEveryGirl! Cute apt <3

                                                • Cat C.
                                                  Cat C.  3 months back

                                                  Wow, and my husband bitches about paying $2100 for our rental: a three bed, 2 bath with living room, dining room, kitchen, playroom, and laundry room and big front and back yards and 2 car garage in the South Bay area of Los Angeles! I'm a small home person myself tho like you I pack a lot into a space. I call it nesting, never have been a minimalist. I like what your say about letting a place reflect you. Your place is adorable and worth the $ to be so cute and be so close to everything too. I'm surprised that the old ironing board wasn't converted into a table of sorts. Glad to see the old ice box was made helpful. Love the bathroom vanity! Thx for sharing! God bless you!

                                                  • Caroll
                                                    Caroll  3 months back

                                                    I LOVE the little moment at the kitchen entryway! 😍. And would you consider adding some shelves at the top of your stove for more storage and deco?

                                                    • Bianca O
                                                      Bianca O  3 months back

                                                      Nice!! I like what you did with the small space that you have. How many sq ft is it?

                                                      • Ashley Rainey
                                                        Ashley Rainey  3 months back

                                                        I absolutely adore your style and all of the vintage and textural elements. 🤍

                                                        • Live G.
                                                          Live G.  3 months back

                                                          Such a cute and colourful flat/apartment 😊

                                                          • Donna New
                                                            Donna New  3 months back

                                                            I love color. Your apartment is such a good picture of your personality and the vintage atmosphere is so warm-hearted. Take care. You're really refreshing.

                                                            • Eerika H
                                                              Eerika H  3 months back

                                                              Your apartment is gorgeous! I love the vintage details and your decorating style. Just a tip though, you don't need to show every single little thing and talk about every piece, I skipped 10 seconds forward throughout the video cause I just wanted to see your space, not every knick-knack :)

                                                              • Betsy Two
                                                                Betsy Two  3 months back

                                                                Lauren, Your 🌞sunshine love your vibe
                                                                And honesty
                                                                Yes your home should be comfortable for you and safe n A Happy place 👍🌈. Will try the company who did your Vacation book
                                                                What's the correct spelling of the company?

                                                                • Phoenix Simone
                                                                  Phoenix Simone  4 months back

                                                                  I soooooooooooo agree with making your space comfortable,beautiful, and comfy for your mental health♥️♥️♥️♥️. Very true statement. Wonderful place you have there☺️

                                                                • omar faruk
                                                                  omar faruk  4 months back

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                                                                  • Ddrhl
                                                                    Ddrhl  4 months back

                                                                    Could you link where you got that "Best Trip Ever" book made?

                                                                    • Bliss This House
                                                                      Bliss This House   4 months back

                                                                      yes! it's from this site - (affiliate link, btw!) I love their stuff!

                                                                  • Ddrhl
                                                                    Ddrhl  4 months back

                                                                    Bravo on your first vid! Fish Ranch Road in the East Bay gets me chuckling EVERY time I drive by.

                                                                  • Annie Banana
                                                                    Annie Banana  4 months back

                                                                    I have a completely internal struggle going on right now with questioning whether I want to have a more minimal aesthetic or to really decorate according to my inner personality. I will admit that I love the idea of minimalism for the clean lines and the ease with cleaning but then at the same time, I also love so many cute and colourful and pretty things! Gah, it's so confusing for me. Your video is encouraging me to move away from minimalism and just embrace my love of Anthro (one of my absolute favourite stores!) and I love Rifle Paper Co. - girl, we are on the same wavelength on both those fronts. There's actually the most beautiful home decor rugs on Rifle Paper Co. and I have one as inspo. for my future home office. I am just so in love with pretty flowery things, pastels, and girly things and you know what, I'm okay with that, LOL!

                                                                    • Bliss This House
                                                                      Bliss This House   4 months back

                                                                      Sounds like we have that in common!! I love the. Rifle rugs! Definitely interior goals!

                                                                  • XxrazorxmintxX
                                                                    XxrazorxmintxX  4 months back

                                                                    Love how much personality you've brought into your place! It's so beautiful and thoughtfully done.
                                                                    Fyi Korean clothes are called hanbok. So sweet your grandfather brought that back for your mom~

                                                                    • Bliss This House
                                                                      Bliss This House   4 months back

                                                                      Thank you so much!! And I appreciate you letting me know what they are called! I won't forget it. Isn't that so sweet? <3

                                                                  • Bridget jobridge31
                                                                    Bridget jobridge31  4 months back

                                                                    Okay so I am totally addicted to these studio apartment tour videos. Ive seen so many of them and this one is by far my favorite. What an eye for decorating and tje colors you've chosen are so beautiful. I love that you're not afraid to use colors etc. You see so many people who have nice places but they don't decorate too much. I am like this as well. I love colors and not afraid to just rally decorate. Thanks for sharing. I absolutely love your style.

                                                                  • Shakira Khan
                                                                    Shakira Khan  4 months back

                                                                    very lovely. brings back memories of my living in the marina area 50 years ago. consider these changes: put your lovely mirror over the wood table; replace the table with glass or put a piece of glass on top of it, both of which will bounce the light and make that space feel bigger. Place picture that is now over the table very high above the bed lamp, leaving all of the space around the headboard empty. Place another mirror in kitchen where clock is now. good fung shui. Put picture now over the bed in the kitchen on wall near bistro table. put grandmother over ikea table low enough so that when you sit at table she is looking right at you. love the rug and living room arrangement and colors. Enjoy

                                                                  • Ruth Goddard
                                                                    Ruth Goddard  4 months back

                                                                    Oh my gosh. I am way older then you but ohhhh so in love with this place. And i just love your rug.beautiful. you have such a great astedic.

                                                                  • Jessica Van
                                                                    Jessica Van  4 months back

                                                                    Love your apartment!! Just to let you know that is a South Korean traditional outfit called a Hanbok. A kimono is a traditional Japanese garment :)

                                                                  • Fermin Monica
                                                                    Fermin Monica  4 months back

                                                                    You can put the head of the bed against the door so you can get off of bed both side

                                                                    • eritreasunshine
                                                                      eritreasunshine  4 months back

                                                                      Love your taste!

                                                                    • Texas Gal
                                                                      Texas Gal  5 months back

                                                                      You have a wonderful eye for detail. Beautiful!! :)

                                                                    • Aliana Weston
                                                                      Aliana Weston  5 months back

                                                                      Not because I have wrinkles or anything . In that annoying little valley girl voice 🤢

                                                                      • gloomydaysaregone
                                                                        gloomydaysaregone  5 months back

                                                                        it's not KIMONO, please do not insult. I, however, am very thankful that your grandfather served for our freedom.

                                                                        • Anneke Mahabeer
                                                                          Anneke Mahabeer  5 months back

                                                                          Loved your video. Very interesting how each of us decorate our places. Love from South Africa