Top 10 worst dating cities

Brownsville, Texas has few dating opportunities — there are only  0. WalletHub compared cities across the United Statesincluding the most populated cities in the country and at least two of the most populated cities in each state. Dating Capital of the U.

I thought we had the worst ratio of single men to single women? Here they are:. We teamed up with AXE Deodorant Bodyspray, which specializes in the dating game, to find out which city is revered as the D. Plus, only a third of dating opportunities are online, increasing the barrier to entry for singles interested in the dating scene.

Is New York just top 10 worst dating cities Redeem your free audiobook. It also has the highest percentage of online daters. Go Deacs!

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Check out the complete list of all 80 cities in our study. Austin, Texas, tops the list of best cities to play the dating game. Interestingly enough, all five of the best cities for hetero women to find single men are on the West Coast or in the Southwestern U.

Behind Bars: Atlanta overall No. Land of the Longhorn Yee haw! Top 10 worst dating cities in hot with the fourth highest single women to men ratio, the Silver Spring area has single women for every single top 10 worst dating cities. First, here are the top five best cities:.

San Diego, CA: Scores high in the diversity index, which rates the likelihood of randomly meeting someone of a different race or ethnicity, and, of course, San Diego is off the charts when it comes to outdoor recreational opportunities. Winston-Salem is the home to Wake Forest University, and is apparently also the home to the third worst city for single women to meet single men in with a ratio of single women per every single men.

Is the city you call home the place to find that special someone? Springfield, MA Land of the Longhorn Yee haw!

Top 10 worst dating cities

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